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World is Changing

World is Changing

An increasing number of publishers have transitioned from paid subscriptions to open-access publishing. Universities have gained the right to store versions of their research outputs in repositories and offer them for free. In essence, sustainability and knowledge sharing have become established and accepted business models. Universities and research centres are reallocating their budgets and are increasingly replying on open access resources.

246M+ Works
Number of scholarly documents like journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, datasets, reports, and theses, with about 50,000 added daily.
90M Authors
Authors who create works with thousands added daily, and over 6M ORCID.
249K+ Sources
Where works are hosted, including journals, conferences, preprint repositories, and institutional repositories.
107K+ Institutions
From metadata found in Crossref, PubMed, ROR, MAG, and publisher websites.
65K Concepts
A hierarchy of 19 root-level concepts, and six layers of descendants branching out from them, containing about 65 thousand concepts.
10K+ Publishers
Publishers or companies and organizations that distribute journal articles, books, and theses.
32K+ Funders
With data coming from Crossref, and is enhanced with data from Wikidata and ROR.
51+M Open Access works
Through Unpaywall harvests open access works from around the globe.
46+K Open Access Sources
Journals and repositories that host works Sources are where works are hosted.

SCiNiTO Features

SCiNiTO has a large number of features and tools to help researchers do better search and research. Most importantly it lets you access full text of open access sources as well as your institutional holdings. Create a project and add articles, invite partners to join, faceted search, bookmark articles, download citations (Bibtex, Endnote), add notes, and link to directly search google when you cannot find full text.

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